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Foundation to Recognize Educate and Employ Doctors Of Medicine (FREEDOM)

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🎈Celebrating our sixth anniversary 12/24/22!


Our goal at FREEDOM is to allow all medical graduates--primarily domestic, but also foreign--to realize their dream of medicine in the future. We recently released our "First Annual FRDM (Freedom to Realize the Dream of Medicine) Index" which is available at the top of this site. This represents our foray (other than testimony in favor of legislation) into politics as we strive to influence state legislatures and medical boards. Missouri, our highest-ranked state thanks to the tireless efforts of Representative Keith Frederick, D.O., is a rousing success with over one hundred (100) 'Assistant Physician' licensees as of mid-2018. New Hampshire, through the extraordinary efforts of Representative William Marsh, M.D., may introduce 'Graduate Physician' legislation again in 2019. Representative Stewart Barlow, M.D. is open to 'tweaking' the Utah legislation to encourage participants. Please support them and other supportive politicians in their efforts to be elected this year:

Rep. Keith Frederick, D.O. (R-MO)

Rep. William Marsh, M.D. (R-NH)

Rep. Stewart Barlow, M.D. (R-UT)


FREEDOM is a proud partner of AMDAP

FREEDOM is a proud partner of GAP

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